Take Control of Your Marketing with Mark Mehling

N eed great Direct Response copy to support your brand? Want effective DR copy that draws leads like bears to honey? Gives sales people tools that close sales? Want to work with a team that delivers on time? Plays well with others, like graphic designers? Enough questions! Review our portfolio, then send email directly to Mark@TakeControlMarketing.com to schedule a short phone call. A simple 14 minute call will confirm if we can work together to exceed your goals using our expertise.

Mark’s Summary Bio

S crew the bio, let’s talk plainly. If you’re tired of getting poor results from your marketing spend, I am glad to meet you. You are not alone. And it’s not your fault. Many small business owners struggle to make online and offline marketing work. Only the smart ones realize it and come to a site like this looking for help from an expert. And you are obviously one of the smart ones. Welcome. All they want, and I am guessing you want, are more leads from better clients at lower cost.

I get it.

I am a passionate copywriter, marketing consultant, speaker and author who troubleshoots poor response for individual ads and complete marketing/sales system. Trained and mentored by such people as Dan Kennedy, Eric Lofholm, David Garfinkel, Doug D’Anna, and Clayton Makepeace. If you are a business owner grossing between $10 and $50 million a year, breathe easy, you’ve come to the right place.

Want to see how I think? Read some of the articles. This will give you an inkling into the world of direct response marketing that has given my clients peace of mind, smiles, and higher ROI on their ads. Flying a private business jet, having been a diplomat and Naval Aviator, I know how to use words, psychology, and human nature to increase response.

What’s your goal? That’s what gets my attention. Listening, helping you to solve issues and beat your sales goals.

Ready to see if we’re a match? Send a note (link to contact page) and we’ll have a short phone call to see how we can work together to get you better response, more leads, sales, and profits.

If you’re ready to get more results, I look forward to the conversation.


PS. If you’re reading this to hear about my brags, you can look use the More about Mark button below. But who cares about the past? You only want results, right? Me too, so forgive me for not putting every award from kindergarten through now. It’s only about results. NOW. Are you with me?